WNDR 7th Series "WALL STREET" Skateboard Deck

Proud to make this happen! WNDR 7th series “Wall Street” Made specifically and limited for you hard workers who choose the hard way. assisted by @bramastyabayu to make graphics on the decks ... making this series a must for you to have 🐺

Little do we know about Bramastya Bayu @bramastyabayu , he is a pure skateboarder who is blessed with good drawing skills. In other words he is a skateboarder and graphic artist who really came from this scene. All his abilities are captured in a brand called B.T.T.B @b.t.t.b from here we see him as someone who is also independent in surviving in this industry.

This series is also a self-reminder for us, how we must survive the threat of "big companies" who only take temporary advantage of this scene.

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