SUKSMA a video by Fromwest Skateboards

FROMWEST SKATEBOARDS proudly present to you about our newest skateboarding video called SUKSMA, flipping & grinding around island of paradise Bali, Indonesia.

 Filmed and Edited by Yoga Santiyasa 
Additional Filmer Arya Suardana

Starring : Komang Arik Bagiarta Gede Rika Adi

First Song : White Swan - Venturead Second Song : Gopala by Jegog Sangkaragung Jembrana 1990 Third Song : Kool & The Gang - Celebration Fourth Song : The Upstairs - Semburat Silang Warna Fifth Song : The Panturas - Queen Of The South Sixth Song : White Swan - Doctor Element 

We hope you guys enjoy the video cheers.... SUKSMA, FROMWEST SKATEBOARDS 

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