Night life in Jakarta is so unique. People work early in the morning until the next sunrise. Some sleep on the sidewalks. Some skating on the streets, and also others sitting, creating a perimeter on the side of the road. Nevertheless, all the things happens in this city at the same night, a rhytm, rhyme, and romance were exposed in everyone living in this town.

In order of appearance : Fahryan Chandra, Dimas Ramadhan Rabbani Amidjojo, Aditya Saputra, Fadhli Akbar, Jimmy Bastanta, Calgo, Gredy, Reggy Ryanda, Dio Satriangga, Bramastya Bayu, Rudolph Michael, Rubianda, Alief Yudha

Filmed & Edited by: Fadhli Akbar
Photo : Fadhli Akbar

Aditional Filmer : Fahryan / Tedoy / Jimmy Bastanta

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