INTERVIEW: Adrian, Skateboarder asal Spanyol keturunan Indonesia

"Golden Ticket To The World".. Ya.. Rasanya istilah tersebut sepertinya memang cocok disematkan untuk skateboard, karena darinya kita bisa memperluas jaringan sosial sebagai sesama skateboarder. Seperti baru-baru ini, ada salah seorang skateboarder warga negara asing yang mengirimkan direct message ke instagram untuk share video skate. Dari situ kita lanjut ngobrol dan ternyata skateboarder satu ini masih berdarah Indonesia. Merupakan suatu kebetulan yang unik dan akhirnya kami pun membawa obrolan ini menjadi sebuah interview, yang bisa kalian simak di bawah ini.. Check it out..

Hello friend please introduce yourself
Hello friends, I’m Adrian Soekarno, I’m twenty years old and I live in Madrid, EspaƱa.

The beginning when I got to know you was when you submitted your skate video link, and I was curious about your instagram account name, you have a true indonesian name. can you tell me the history of how you can have 2 state, Indonesia and spain?
The reason why I have two nationalities is because of my father, who's indonesian, but my mother is Spanish.

So how’d you get into skating?
I started when I was 16 years old. My homie was skate in the Anfi (Madrid, Spain) and I saw him and I liked. From there I started to skate.

I see you often skating on the spot with a green long bench, is it a favorite spot there?
Yes, is my local site but I liked I like to skate new spots. It’s fun.

Do you know your last name is the same as the first president of Indonesia? ha ha ha
Yes, I know it. My father told me haha.

What are you doing in Spain besides skateboarding?
I’m studying graphic design in Madrid and I edit and like take pictures.

Have you been sponsored? Because the video you sent to me seems to be your video part for the brand called Unscarred Supply? tell me more about that
Unscarred is a brand from Indonesia that they support me and I am very grateful for everything. Thanks Unsc!!

Are you a type of skateboarder who only plays in one place or moves around looking for new spots?
I like skate new spots research with friends is the best hahaha Is more funny. But also i like skate my local site Anfi is the bests place hahaha

Does your friend know if you are half Indonesian? and what do they think? (and do the girls like that? hahaha
They are Indonesian, they also want the brand to be known outside of Indonesia. I try to bring her to skate shops in Spain. and the girls like the Indonesian Spanish mix hahahaha it’s joke.

Last question, when was your last visit to Indonesia? and do you want to skate with us here?
I have not been in Indonesia yet due to personal circumstances but this October I go with my father there. I really want to go and skate there I've seen funny spots in YouTube of Indonesia skate.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, success always for you there Adrian, greetings from us for your family and friends there. God bless you!
Thanks for all friends I hope to see you soon!! Blessed

Simak video Adrian Berikut ini:

Video by : Santiago Piech

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