WNDR Launch Clothing Line

WNDR Apparel first Article

7 years WNDR presence requires us to take a stand, we are currently running a project to change the concept of our existence in the skatebaord industry in the country. Started from the Clothing line project, WNDR tries to offer the best quality of fashion and design products that will always bring the spirit of change for the better in the skateboard community in Indonesia.  

The first product we launched was the WNDR Logo_box T-shirt featuring the authentic logo of Wonder Skateboarding inside a box, illustrating that we are currently focusing on something new, something we hope to bring about a good change for all of us Indonesian skateboard community .  

There are still some other design concepts that we will launch, all inspired in the circumstances that occur in skateboard Indonesia at this time, so look forward to the latest products from our clothing line.  


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